This page is dedicated to sharing links to awesome and/or valuable places on the internet. If you have one to recommend, please let me know! The links are in alphabetical order, and the list is always growing. There's no real criteria for the list, but many of the links are related to software engineering (I'm biased).

Legible News
Legible news is a simple, fast, and text only website offering daily news information. It's completely free, has archives back to Nov 2014, and is populated via Wikipedia contributions.
Ever wanted to create your own operating system? This site & its community can help you. One day, I'll get to making my own...

sourcehut is a truly open source software suite for managing your software projects. Supporting Git and Mercurial, you can deploy it on your own servers or use, a hosted instance of sourcehut.

Techtonic is a radio show on WFMU, hosted by my uncle, Mark Hurst. The show covers "our shift to a digital future". Often, they discuss how technology impacts people, and how we can avoid the dangers of a society controlled by a few large tech companies.

Uses This
"A collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done." Some awesome interviews: John Gruber (Daring Fireball & Markdown), Josh Millard (MetaFilter), Nadia Odunayo (The StoryGraph).