by Colton Hurst


I'm currently working as a software engineer at PDI Software. Most of my work is done with C#, SQL, and JavaScript / HTML / CSS. By the end of January 2021 I'll have worked there for 4 years! 🎉


I'm in the final stretch of my CS degree at ODU! Lord willing I'll graduate at the end of Fall 2021. I'm currently finishing up CS 381 (Discrete Structures) and CS 471 (Operating Systems).

More Important Things...

In more important (and fun) areas of life, there is a great deal going on! My wife and I are leading a regional teen ministry in our church, I recently spent a weekend in the wilderness, and I'm reading A Walk in the Woods + Knowing God. In whatever spare time is left, I've been learning Rust and have been doing the Julian Day pushup challenge (today is day 316).

a weekend in the woods

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